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Coming Home

I’ve just finished marking the end of term exams for the course I’ve been teaching this term on Genesis. We had some really good answers and on the whole many of the students really grasped the concepts well. Our final year students have now been here for three years and are very much looking forward to getting out into the world, but it will be sad to say goodbye. The official graduation service is this coming Sunday, but we had an informal leaving party last Saturday, with much fun, dancing, gifts and cake. Some highlights in the video below.

Personally, I’m now very much looking forward to visiting the UK for a couple of months over Dec / Jan.¬†Below are some of the places I’ll be sharing at:

13th Dec: Silverton Evangelical Church, Devon.

3rd Jan: Bagley Baptist Church, Somerset.

7-21 Jan: Bournemouth (Feedback evening 10th Jan 6:30pm at LifeCentre)

24th Jan: St. Cleers Chapel, Somerset.

I’d really love to catch up, so do get in touch!

End of Term

Well it’s been a busy week wrapping up at the term at Fiwale. Assingment and exams all completed, it’s time to start thinking ahead to planning the next term. Anyway, just for fun, here’s a video of a caterpillar crawling across my notebook. I’m filing this under ‘things that didn’t happen before I came to Zambia’! Enjoy!

Lift Jesus Higher

Just a short clip from the youth conference taking place this weekend. Hundreds of young people (and to be honest, not so young people) have gathered here in Mpongwe for worship, teaching and competitions. Each church submits a choir to compete in singing and memory verse recitals.