Books and Baptisms

Picking up the books

Yesterday I went to Chingola to pick up some books that had been sent out for our library here at Kaniki Bible University. Having access to good quality books is a major challenge and so a year ago we started compiling a wish list of books for each of the courses we teach here. With the help of many sponsors, and the excellent co-ordination of John Miles in Birmingham, we have now received a massive boost to our library.

Noreen, our librarian cataloguing the new books.


A huge thank you to people who have given books and finances to enable this project to take place, and we do hope to do this again in the future, to keep the library current and growing!



Raised with Christ!

In other news, we recently held a small baptism service at the college. 4 of the students came forward to be baptised, which was a really great celebration together.

Celebrating together

2 thoughts on “Books and Baptisms

  1. What a tremendous blessing that must have been for you brother. Give thanks for what is being achieved through your ministry Tim – I do


  2. Hi Tim

    Good timing! I was about to print our July news sheet when your email popped up so I’ve been able to include your news too.

    Every blessing to you



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