What goes around comes around

11 years ago, I was putting the finishing touches to my final year dissertation at Moorlands College and getting ready to graduate (has it really been so long?!) At that time, I had no idea I’d eventually end up teaching theology in Zambia. Moorlands has always (rightly in my opinion) emphasised the practical nature of studying theology, and so my degree from there was in applied theology.

Graduating from Moorlands, 2006.

We had to do many reflective exercises, examining our practice in light of Scripture and vice versa. To be honest, at the time I didn’t always understand why we needed to do some of that, and yet now I find myself telling my students some of the very same things! All theology takes place in context, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and so I try to encourage our students of the necessity of reflective practice.

Anyway, in the spirit of reflective practice, Moorlands recently asked me to write about some of my experiences here in Zambia for their blog, so I’ve tried to reflect a bit on prosperity here in Zambia and some of the challenges we’re facing. If you’re interested, you can read it here: www.moorlands.ac.uk/opinion/beyond-africa

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