Monthly Archives: July 2016

Cars and things

I’m very thankful to have a car here in Zambia. We cover some big miles driving around the bush and public transport here is not particularly reliable and sometimes unsafe. Whilst my car has by and large been really great, it is 18 years old and recently I have had some It's not supposed to look like thattrouble with it.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving in Kitwe and suddenly the car ground to a halt. I got out to take a look and the front wheel had err… come off? I’m not sure quite how to describe it – see the photos!

Needless to say, I was convinced I would need a tow truck to get back home, there was grease oozing out all over the place and it looked to me like a pretty major repair job would be needed. In Zambia, there’s no such thing as the AA. So what happens if you break IMG_0388down? You just sort of make a plan!

In this case, my plan was to phone a friend and ask him for advice. He didn’t really have any, except to agree that I was stuck! While I was still on the phone with him, some guys stopped on the road to come and chat (a white man broken down attracts quite a bit of attention). One of the guys seemed to think that his brother, who was a mechanic would be able to fix my car for a small fee. That may sound like an answer to prayer, but the sceptic in me was suspicious – when a white guy breaks down, suddenly everybody is a mechanic and can “fix” it… for a fee!

Anyway, having consulted my friend (who actually is a mechanic), we agreed that it was worth a try. To cut a long story short, within two hours I was back on the road, driving VERYIMG_0391 gingerly back home, where the car was properly taken apart and fixed.

Now, the car is back on the road and in some ways, better than it’s ever been!

Breaking down is one of my fears here, and it has happened a few times, but it has always worked out OK in the end. Things like this continue to test, and ultimately strengthen my faith in a heavenly Father who watches over me.