19 thoughts on “Introducing Kaniki Bible College

  1. Thanks for the video Tim – gives us all a really good idea of what your living and working circumstances are like – loving the beautiful blue sky … look after yourself 🙂

  2. Hi tim it looks really nice, I hope you are settling in well and making plenty of new friends, may God continue to bless you in the work He has set before you take care davina

  3. We loved the college environment,beautiful grounds.We continue to pray.. and carry you to Him. Lots of love Jan and Barry

  4. Thanks Tim for the video really gives us an idea of where you are and where you work So pleased you have all your paper work sorted

    Love from Tony& Margaret

    1. Thanks a lot – it was a bit of hassle with immigration but got there in the end! Look forward to catching up soon, I should be in B’mth end of July.

  5. Hi Tim. Your new home looks lovely. Great to see you looking so well. Blessings and love from Sandy

  6. Hi again just to say that we have just shared your video with David and Marion who send their love T & M

  7. Really good to see this video Tim – I continue to pray for you in all your many and new responsibilities. Liz

  8. Great Tim…just the job….good to see what you have been telling me about! Love from us both D and M

  9. Loves the video Tim! Only just watched it. Really good to see where you’re working and living, with you having described it to me this week. We loved having you to stay and was great to catch up with you throughout the week. Hope to see you really soon 🙂

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