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National Prayer Day

This term I’ve been studying through the book of Genesis with the students here at Fiwale Bible College. On Monday this week, we were considering the story of Noah and the flood. The way the text is written by Moses shows us that the key idea of the story is Gen 8:1, ‘But God remembered Noah.’ The highlight therefore, is not just that Noah was delivered from the flood, but that in the midst of the trial, God did not forget Noah’s situation. Later, we see God reaffirming the covenant with Noah with the sign of the rainbow, which is a reminder that even in the context of judgment, there is grace and mercy.

After the class, one of the students ran after me to ask if I’d seen the rainbow the previous day. This last Sunday was significant for Zambia as the president had called for a national day of prayer, repentance and fasting. On that day, thousands of people in Zambia saw a unique circular rainbow around the sun.

Zambia is going through some significant trials, many of which are probably man-made. But even so, God’s mercy and grace are ever present, he has not forgotten Zambia.

The rainbow, captured by Zambia's national news service.
The rainbow, captured by Zambia’s national news service.