End of Term

Well it’s been a busy week wrapping up at the term at Fiwale. Assingment and exams all completed, it’s time to start thinking ahead to planning the next term. Anyway, just for fun, here’s a video of a caterpillar crawling across my notebook. I’m filing this under ‘things that didn’t happen before I came to Zambia’! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “End of Term

  1. Hope you put him outside on a suitable twig, Tim!  We had a large slow-worm in our garden (No.57!) & have got lots of life in the pond, including some frogs – but can’t compete with African wildlife… We’ve had our first item of mail addressed to you.  Grandma says that Mum & Dad are on their way back from their travels, so will post it to them tomorrow. We do enjoy getting your news & think of you often.  We’ll look forward to seeing you when you next come back in this direction.  In the meantime, look after yourself – and enjoy! Pauline

  2. Lol!! Initially I was disappointed by the small size of the caterpillar (comparable to a piece of cotton), but as the video progressed I became quite attached to the little fella who was rather energetic!

  3. Ha ha! Most of the bugs I see here are bigger versions of what I’ve seen in the UK, so this little guy really tickled me! I’m home Dec/Jan so looking forward to catching up.

  4. I am quite taken with this caterpillar! Not what I was expecting! 😛 Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas 🙂

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