Bits & Pieces

Just a quick update about what’s been going on here in Fiwale, Zambia!

Preparing the field for vegetables
Preparing the field for vegetables

It’s been a busy start to term 2. All the students made it back after being scattered around Zambia for their internships over Easter. They had a variety of experiences, one was even on ZNBC, our national television channel as the news were reporting from his church in Lusaka!

Kids helping to prepare the field.
Kids helping to prepare the field.

The teaching programme this term has been a stretch for me as the subjects I’m teaching are quite hard (the person of Christ & end times) but I’m enjoying the challenge and finding the class debates very interesting. It has also helped me personally and I find myself more amazed at the grace of our God.

You may remember that the students have been involved in a farming programme, well we’re now extending that programme to include vegetables (in addition to maize) and so they’ve been preparing the area to plant lettuce, tomatoes, chinese cabbage, carrots etc.

Steve, Ant & Lizzie
Ant, Lizzie & Steve

It was really great to have Ant & Lizzie here in Zambia last week. They were the driving force in establishing the link with Mpongwe, having been missionaries there previously and are now running the Somerset side of the operation! I really appreciated catching up with them and hanging out together. On Saturday, we went with Steve and Ann to Nsobe camp, one of our favourite places, to chill out a bit.


There have been a few animal visitors to my house recently, including the little guy pictured below. At first I thought it was a double-headed gecko, but not so sure now – let me know what you think!

Thanks so much to all of you who are keeping in touch and praying!


Two-headed gecko?


3 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. Hi Tim, great to hear how things are going in Zambia and that you are learning new things as you teach. What a privilege!

    We seem to have had a couple of weeks of summer and now gone on to the rainy season – British weather for you! When I was young we were all going to school with summer dresses (boys in shorts not dresses) and cardigans, not jumpers, raincoats, umbrellas and weĺly boots! We even had an earthquake in Kent during the night (no tsunami )! The end times and Jesus’ return must be coming soon.

    Did your birthday card ever get to you? I sent it to your Mpongwe PO box address so maybe it’s got lost somewhere.

    I think the gecko is one who’s tail has been destroyed by a Clingon or Vulcan and has grown back slighty wonky! I looked up 2 headed geckos on the internet and they do happen but the heads are both at the same end, no pictures of one like yours!

    Going to go and visit Kate Eyers now. So byeeee for now, love and prayers always, Karen xx

    1. Thanks Karen, yeah sadly I don’t think it was a 2-headed gecko!

      It’s also been a bit nippy here – no rain or earthquakes though! Still, need to wear a jumper first thing! I haven’t received any post from you yet, but I still had a Christmas parcel a week ago, so it’s probably on the way!

      Much blessings,


  2. Definitely a Ghekko ( chit chat) maybe a broken tail and regrown a bit!!!!.Don’t think two heads, wouldn’t know which way to go!!!!!

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