Greetings from Fiwale, Zambia! I’m really thankful for the help all the students have given as we’ve made progress on the house here. As you san see, things are coming together and I’m hopeful that in the next couple of weeks all the major work will be finished and we’ll just have the small things to do!

I had a small visitor to the house on Sunday morning – a green snake! Thankfully it didn’t put up much of a fight! I don’t know what type as I got rid of it before we could analyse it but once the work is finished those kind of visits will be a thing of the past, since we’ll be making sure all the doors fit correctly (the most likely way in)!

2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Tim that looks so much better than last time you sent photos – you have all worked so hard. Well done to you and your students!

    I was wondering the other day if you have any Brits at the Uni, or english as a first language people? You had Steve and Ann before and I hope you have got that kind of fellowship here too,

    How is your language learning going? I’ve done one of my Farsi lessons but it was a bit of a laugh because I must have used the German version before I went to Germany so when they ask me to repeat a sentance eg do you understand Farsi, then I answer the question in German!!! Think it’s going to take quite a while to get to grips with even a small amount of Farsi!!!

    Missing you Tim

    Karen xx

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks so much – yes it is slowly coming together now! No I’m the only native english speaker here but there are a few musungus (white people) around and the city is much closer to get to (only 40 mins) where I have many friends. Steve and Ann come to visit regularly although I do very much miss them!

      Well done on the language study, yes it’s really hard going and I’m taking a break from formal study while I do the house but still practise conversation with the students and local people. Keep going with it, it’ll be so rewarding!

      Many blessings,


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