8 thoughts on “Renovations

  1. Loved the video. We pray for you often and miss you too. God bless you Tim and we pray your work for Him will bring much fruit. Rob and Sheila

  2. Lots going on and all looking good. They all look as if they love you as much as we do and great to hear you conversing with the locals. Are you enjoying your new job Tim? Xx

    1. Thanks Karen, yep we had a lot of fun on Saturday and got a lot done. I’m very much enjoying the new role in the college but it is a bit stressful trying to do the house as well and not really having peaceful place to study and prep the classes. Much love, T

  3. Great to see what’s going on. Lovely to hear the African greetings and those big smiling faces. Understood one word, “Bueno” lots of Love

  4. Hi Tim, Wicked hair cut looks great. Great also to see you doing so well. God is using you in a amazing way. Love the guys you work with, so friendly. Are they all Christians Tim? We miss you lots back home.Denise is well and sends her love to you, as does BCC. Love for now our dear friend! Steve & Denise B. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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