I arrived at Fiwale on Sunday evening, just as the rains began, making the 6km dirt road to the Bible College quite muddy. Fiwale is the Bible College for the Baptist Union of Zambia (BUZ) and so all three Baptist Associations in Zambia send their students to be trained here including my organisation, the Mpongwe Baptist Association (MBA). Whilst I’m primarily living here at Fiwale, I am still working for the MBA and so part of the secondment arrangement is that I travel back to Mpongwe to continue the Pastor’s training I’ve been doing there. It’s just over an hour to Fiwale from Mpongwe, and so I anticipate being back there a few days each month to see the Pastors and continue the work with Orphan’s Programme.

Fiwale Bible College
Fiwale Bible College

I don’t know yet how long I’ll be here but I think it’ll be a fairly long-term stay in Fiwale because this arrangement fits with what I believe I’m called to do here in Zambia.

Term started for the students on Monday but I’ve been given the week to get settled in. I’ve started working on the house but it could be quite a long project as I keep finding more things that need doing!

Thanks for all your interest and prayers as I begin this new phase.

2 thoughts on “Fiwale

  1. Yes, I will be praying that you settle quickly as you already seem to have worked on a number of houses! Lovely that your Mum & Dad were with you recently. Blessings

  2. Sounds like you are on course with what the Lord wants, Tim. And it’s a good balance to have the local field work as well as the College. Stops you becoming an out of touch academic! Praying God’s blessing on this next step.

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