Happy New Year!

You may remember that last October I spent a week at Fiwale Bible College, which is just over an hour from Mpongwe. They are quite short staffed there and so when they asked for me to be seconded to the college I readily agreed. Fiwale serves the Baptist Union of Zambia, and so I’m still working with the same organisation, and still training Pastors, just in a different place and a different capacity. I believe this is an important role and I’m excited to face the new challenges but also daunted by the scale of the task!

The first challenge is to get the new house up together. I’ll be living on site at Fiwale, primarily because the role there is not only lecturing in the college but investing in the lives of the students. During my week at Fiwale in October one of the most special times was eating together with some of the students in the evening, when we can chew over theology together more informally.

House ‘before’ pics:

10 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Tim. This looks amazing. Shall I come and clean it for you? A fab garden too. Such an opportunity and one you will be fantastic at. Hope you are well. Dominic says Hi and he misses playing age of empires with you. I have started playing it now too and really enjoy it. God bless. Jo.x

  2. Oh congratultions Tim. More people who realise your potential!

    Your new house is a nice size and will give you lots of painting and decorating experience! I love the carving on the front door and the garden is amazing. As you are a blessing to the staff and students I pray your new house and location will be a blessing to you.

    Will Steve and Ann be coming to help you out? Can’t wait to see it in the finished version.

    Keep going Tim, what a blessing you are.

    Love and prayers always Karen. Xx

  3. Dear Tim – interested to hear that you are on the move, but it certainly seems like a sensible one, and we pray all will go well. We too have been on the move, and finally moved to our retirement flat in Ferndown on the Friday before Christmas. We are pretty well settled now, having spent the last six months in preparation and downsizing. So glad that you had such a good time with your parents during their visit – it must have been a great encouragement for you. Often thinking of you and praying for you – love from Tony & Margaret


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