Subsistence farming is a means of survival out here in the rural parts of Zambia. Most people have small plots of land to farm maize, soya beans, ground nuts and maybe a few other bits and pieces. We’re very dependent on the weather, and so we’ve been praying for good rains to come for quite some time, as it’s been quite late this year. Yesterday we had our first proper storm of the season, with about an inch of rain, but unfortunately when we got up this morning we found quite a bit of damage done to the workshop roof – half of it had been lifted up and folded over.Photo0026

We’ve been praying a bit in the workshop as it seems to be quite a key for much of the work here in Mpongwe and it definitely feels like we’re in a bit of a battle at the moment.

But we know that our God reigns! And rains!

4 thoughts on “Rains!

  1. And then thunders and lightenings too.
    bless you Tim and your others in Zambia. My love and prayers are for you all. Oh and Ann and Steve too.

    I’ve rather cleverly had a bad fall and broken a bone in my foot – it’s a Becks break! – but it’s also made my hand quite shaky so I keep typing letters twice. If you find any strange ones there might be a prize!

    Love you Tim. Xx

    1. Hi Karen, sorry to hear that – hope you manage to rest well over Christmas! I’m away from Mpongwe now for a couple of weeks now – on Safari with Mum & Dad! Much blessings,

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