Cycling Again

The UK team from Somerset have now been here in Mpongwe for a week and it’s been a real encouragement for us to have them here, especially my Dad & Mum! We had a great time at Mwanafunta church yesterday morning. It’s a fairly young church plant, and so it was good to be able to pray and share with them and we were all welcomed really warmly.

IMG_0026On Saturday, some friends from Ndola persuaded me to join in a cycle race in Kitwe. Since it was not too far (25km), I borrowed a bike and gave it a go. The course was fantastic through forest and bush but it was pretty tiring and some really tough sections!


Anyway, I managed to come 3rd out of about 50 and so I got a little prize as well!IMG_0040

7 thoughts on “Cycling Again

  1. Fantastic!
    A new physio has been treating my hip, and it’s now much better. I cycled 20 miles and back to my sister’s near Blandford and 10 miles and back to Poole in the last couple of weeks.
    We’re all missing you.

  2. Thanks Ali, good to hear from you. They’re here for another 2 weeks, so today we set off on holiday around Zambia for a few days and then back with friends for Christmas. Hoping to see lions and elephants etc!

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