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Change in Zambia

You may have heard on the news (although I’m not sure how much Zambian news reaches beyond our borders) that the Zambian President Michael Sata died in office on Tuesday. He was in a London hospital when he died, and so the nation here is officially in mourning. We also celebrated 50 years of Zambian independence last Friday but ironically, the acting President is a white Zambian whose parents Scottish! Because of that, the Zambian constitution won’t allow him to run for President and so the elections are wide open and need to be held within the next 90 days. Please do pray for Zambia, because it is still very much a country in transition and needing good leadership over the many issues here. Zambia has a history of being a peaceful country although there do seem to be undercurrents of tension and unrest.


Rev & Mrs Mambwe being commissioned
Rev & Mrs Mambwe being commissioned

On Sunday, I went with a few others to the induction of Rev. Mambwe as the new Director of the Zambian Baptist Association. I know him a little as he was previously the Principal of the Bible College I was at recently and so we’ve crossed paths a few times. The service was quite moving (and also VERY long) and I was deeply impressed by Rev. Mambwe’s humility in taking on this role. This is exactly the kind of leader I hope for in our next President.

Well it seems Christmas preparations have nowPhoto0013 begun in Zambia! It’s almost 40 degrees at the moment and so for a host of reasons this didn’t seem quite right, but it is an interesting symbol of the growing prosperity in some parts of Zambia.

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