Monthly Archives: September 2014


We have water in our house! I mean, in a good way, coming from the taps the first time in months. It’s taken a lot of work and the whole project is still not entirely finished but there was much celebration in our house this afternoon. We’ve painted much of the inside too, which makes the whole place feel a lot cleaner and Ann has been busy replacing curtains and fixing mosquito nets etc.

To go with our new house, we also have a new postal address: PO box 123, Mpongwe, Zambia.

In other news, I’ve found a car to buy from missionaries going back to Europe, but there’s a bit of paperwork to do before I can pick it up. I’m currently studying for a week teaching on the minor prophets in October at a local Bible college – it’s quite a stretch for me but also really looking forward to it. Thanks for all your prayers!