Monthly Archives: August 2014

Discipleship Seminar


We’ve had a really great time this week in Mpongwe, with around 20 lay leaders from across the region gathering here for a discipleship seminar. Throughout the week we covered an overview of the whole Bible, which kind of exhausted me by the end! Such a privilege to have been involved with this though, as these leaders were so hungry for the word of God and keen to learn – it’s been a special time. It has also opened my eyes again to the need for solid Biblical foundations. There are lots of false teachers in this nation, partly because it is hard for people to access resources that help them to interpret the Bible well. Please pray for these leaders, that they will preach the true gospel with courage and boldness!Discipleship Semin

Lift Jesus Higher

Just a short clip from the youth conference taking place this weekend. Hundreds of young people (and to be honest, not so young people) have gathered here in Mpongwe for worship, teaching and competitions. Each church submits a choir to compete in singing and memory verse recitals.

New House

Yesterday I got the keys to our new house in Mpongwe! This will be the place to put down some roots for a while. It does need quite a bit of work and some furniture but there’s lots of space and it’s bright and airy inside. Steve, Ann and I will be living here together but there will be plenty of room for visitors!

At the moment there’s a bit of a water problem, which I really hope will be resolved shortly, as it can make life a bit, err, smelly! We may have to erect a new water tower nearby.

It’ll be good to get properly settled in and finally unpack!