12 thoughts on “Learning Lamba

  1. Well you’ve convinced me! Looks like you don’t need the lessons anymore 😉
    Not sure my brain would retain a new language!

  2. Gosh Tim, you really seem to be getting on with Lamba well. I loved the video and the singing and hearing your voice and seeing you lovely smiling face – so glad you look happy. xx

  3. That is SO impressive Tim! Seems even more so listening to you in the land where they speak Doric (Aberdeenshire)!

  4. Tim Hi!

    Greetings from a cool sunny/intermittent heavy showery, blustery windy afternoon here in Bournemouth!

    The sun of recent days has been glorious and yesterday with two walking friends we drove to Tolpuddle (parked under the Martyrs’ oak tree) and did a 5 mile circutous walk through gorgeous bluebells woods – never seen them so blue or in such profusion, so it must be due to all the rain of earlier months – then through fields, sat on a mossy bank with our picnic lunch, then back to the car via Athelhampton. Only a couple of brief showers. We saw deer sneaking through the woods and heard many birds, saw a buzzard circling, and marvelled at panoramic views of this part of Dorset. Also lots of new lambs and even a small collection of Jacob sheep lambs. Having been brought up in ‘a concrete’ jungle, the beauty of Dorset never ceases to overwhelm me, and remind me what a great God I have.

    So good to get your latest email with the videos included; you really seem to be making progress with the Lamba language – what a lovely teacher you have, and she appears to be impressed with your grasp to-date; and I also enjoyed the ‘Easter Conference’ video. Have been able to access all, so far, and bring up on full screen, so its quite impactive.

    I like the beard – manly and distinguished! adds dignity – if you needed it!!

    Thoughts and prayers ongoing. Sending you many blessings too. Thank you so much for keeping in touch, you are thought of by many here.

    Valerie B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 09:30:07 +0000 To: go4growth@hotmail.co.uk

  5. Totally awesome Tim – to become so fluent in such a short time – you will be up there preaching soon! Just love these videos – thanks!

  6. Thanks so much for your comments. It’s slowly coming together although it will take ages. Yesterday I was teaching and just about managed ‘umwine wa ikileysia ni Jesu Klistu pakuti balifwile’ = the owner of the church is Jesus Christ because he died! I don’t think it’s quite right but they understood the meaning. Been a busy week with the AGM and lots of visitors so just chilling now at a cafe! Tim.

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