New Arrivals

Last Monday, Steve & Ann arrived in Mpongwe, having spent a few days with family in Ndola. They have come from Dorset to help here with some of the various projects that take place on the mission site. We’re currently sharing accommodation and it’s been such a blessing and encouragement to be able to pray, chat and share the ups and downs together. Even in this short time I think we have a strong fellowship.

I noted in my journal this morning that I’m so aware of God’s favour in calling me here and providing in so many different ways. There are of course frustrations and annoyances but it’s such a privilege to be here and I can see God’s grace and provision in lots of places.

The photo below is Steve, Ann and I at a cafe in Ndola called….. The Mint Cafe!

4 thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. Dear Tim. Delighted to receive the photograph of you with Steve and Ann, so glad they have got there safely. Your mum told me about you meeting them before you went to Mpongwe, and also their brief contact with them too, so its great to hear that you are sharing accommodation and fellowship. She also told me of your journey to Lusaka – something about your visa – is that sorted now? Everything is fine here, we are having some lovely spring days. Lots of love and prayers, God bless you all. Grandma xxx

    On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 9:25 AM, Tim in Zambia

    1. Hi Grandma, Thanks for your message – great to hear from you. I’ve started the visa process although we will probably have to go back to Lusaka next week for some more forms. Hopefully it’ll be sorted then as I’ve only got a week left on my tourist visa! It’s been raining quite a lot here and so the roads are very muddy but it’s quite pleasant and not too hot. Much love, Tim.

  2. Hi Tim!
    I have just signed up to receive email notifications of your latest blog entries as it seems I have missed a couple…I thought it had been very quiet from you on the updates front but put it down to Zambian communication…turns put it was just my lack of skill!
    Anyway glad to hear you are pushing yourself to do little things every day to embrace the new circumstances, that takes a lot of motivation & will power but will pay off in the future.
    We are glad to hear you now have a postal address…not sure how long things will take to travel to you, but we hope to send you something soon!
    It’s a little late to say Happy Easter, but Happy Easter anyway!
    You continue to remain in our prayers & we look forward to hearing your next update. Will definitely be praying for that Visa.
    Love from Simon & Jemma

    1. Thanks guys, appreciate your comment. Hope all is well in Ballyland! Yep visa is a step closer but I will have to take another trip to the capital next week sometime. Much blessings, Tim.

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