11 thoughts on “Life in Mpongwe

  1. Great video, clever ‘picture in picture’ work, so good to see your face felt like you were here, fancy a coffee? David

  2. Hi Tim. Great to watch your video and to get a flavour of your new home. Good to see you as well-we all really miss your cheerful smile around the place! Just got home from a great evening put on by the young people, raising funds for you-they did you proud. Take care, Tim, will be praying for you.

    1. Thanks Sandy, sounds like a fantastic night yesterday – I’m so thankful for that. Slowly settling into life here and trying to learn the language panini panini (little by little!).

  3. Hi Tim, So good to hear your voice & “SEE” you! looks like typical Africa & brought a lump to my throat. As Sandy said a great night last night. The kids did a great job. Take care & GB. Love from us both

    1. Thanks Pam, I guess you must be counting the days till you visit S.A. now! I went to Lusaka yesterday to start sorting out my work permit – have to go back next week as well but it seems to be on track. A long day on the Zambian buses which was quite an experience! Much love, Tim.

      1. Huw always used to say when he mucked up his Mandarin “make ’em laugh & you’ll have all the help that you need” people will love that you’re making the effort to learn the language. Yeah really getting down to planning my trip nowl Had lunch with Becky today!!!! Will send you my newsletter.

  4. Hi Tim, it’s Liz your dad’s cuz here. Loved the video – keep them coming, really helps me in my prayers for you. Thinking of you a lot in these early days,& remembering your mum & dad too. Luv

    1. Thanks Liz, really great to hear from you. Yep slowly settling in here and getting used to a different way of life. I’ve started trying to learn the language too – the best way seems to be just to make an idiot out of myself but most people I speak with have been really helpful hospitable. Much love, Tim.

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