Well, I arrived in Ndola, Zambia last Sunday afternoon and then back to Mpongwe as the sun was setting. So far it’s felt a bit of a roller-coaster as I start to realise this is actually real and this is now my home for a while. Although I’d been here a couple of times before, it’s so completely different now that it seems like a different place.

Until today, I didn’t have any means of communicating or travelling beyond the village and that felt quite isolating. And yet people here have been so kind and generous, welcoming me into their homes and showing me great hospitality. The choirs are practising for the Easter weekend conference, which means that late afternoon is filled with amazing acapella singing.

It’s a bit of a shock to the system, and so I kind of make myself do little tasks to try and embrace this new life – go and buy something from the market, visit one of the pastors here, speak a word or two in Lamba to passers by (which is all I currently know). At the moment, it’s just one day at a time – try to build relationships and settle in.

PS. A couple here have kindly allowed me to share their post office box for the time being, so I can receive snail mail at: Tim Miller, c/o Holmgren, PO Box 152, Mpongwe, Zambia.

Much blessings,


11 thoughts on “Arriving

  1. Glad you arrived safely, Tim, and that people are making you feel welcome. I was very excited about the thought of posting something to “White Man, Mpongwe, Zambia” and seeing if it arrived! Hope you have a fantastic first birthday in Zambia on Monday – I’ll be thinking all sorts of birthday thoughts for you J

    Take care xxx

  2. Hi Tim

    Great to hear from you so soon after your arrival! Thanks for your snail mail address – that’s good!! Yes it must be very different to be there and think: now this is home! Its a very diffrerent feeling altogether than a visit of a few weeks when you Know you are returning soon to the UK. We have been thinking of you and praying for you every day and missing you!! I have had a painful few eday with an abcess in a tooth – yesterday I couldn’t concentrate on anything but I am now started on antibiotics so today is a little better…tomorrow I am seeing the specialist about my arthritic hip so maybe I will then know roughly when the op will be as I need to be able to tell Sam Matos if I cannot go out to marry him in Portigal in July! Plus other stuff booked in like doing a church weekend for Cranleigh in July. Tomorrow after seeing the specilaist at 8.15 we are going through to Testwood Baptist in Southampton (Gordon and Janice Tuck’s church) to speak at a leaders day there. They are going through a very tough time so value your prayers that the Lord will useb tomorrow to bless encourage and strengthen them all. Much love from us both David and Maureen

  3. Good to get your first post Tim. Like DAC said so different when you know you aren.t coming home for a while but one day you’ll think of Mpongwe as “home”.
    Love ham & pugh x

    1. Thanks Pam, that seems like a long way away as it’s all so alien and I’m making lots of mistakes. Yesterday in church (all in Lamba), I was suddenly aware everyone was looking at me expecting me to do something. It turned out I was supposed to lead the congregation in taking their money to the offering basket! Still they all thought it was funny! Much blessings!

  4. Great to hear from you Tim. We will be praying for you as you explore your new home. I look forward to hearing all the wonderful, exciting and mundane stories of your new life. When you miss your family and friends the most remember we are thinking of you and love you and are so proud. God is going to do some amazing things!

    1. Thanks Amanda – all very new and strange at the moment. Quite up and down right now but hopefully things will settle down. Starting to learn the language which is a huge challenge – I can’t even imagine coping with bringing a new person into the world as well as all this – big respect to you and Chris!

  5. Hi Tim, just want you to know we are praying for you. You are so much missed already, and when I rang the church on Monday, it was lovely to hear your voice on the machine!!Take it a day at a time, the adventure awaits, but I guess its all feeling very daunting for now. Much love from Mark and Betty, George, Millie, meg and Ben.xxxxxx

    1. Thanks so much! I’m missing BCC too but slowly getting settled here. Life generally is a bit slower although this past week has been quite busy travelling around to visit different Pastors etc. Off early on Sunday as well to go to one of the rural churches – leaving at 5am! Thanks for your prayers, it really does mean a lot to me.

  6. Hey Tim, lovely to see you in this presentation! We too are praying for you and the kids put on a great show tonight at the fund raiser. Your beard is looking good! Life is pretty much the sane as ever here although Andrew is on school hols now so he will have a break from the students but I will be leaving lists for him while I go to work. We are so humbled by your obedience to your calling and know that God will see you through. Take care and hang in there! There’s some nice post on its way to you! lots of love Carolyn x

    1. Hi Carolyn, Thanks so much for your message. Good to hear from you guys. Trust all is well with life group etc. I’m off early tomorrow morning to go deep into the bush to a rural church that seems to be struggling a bit, so we hope to go and encourage them. Take care, Tim.

  7. Hi Tim, Liz here,your Dad’s cuz. Really good to have the video, keep them coming as it certainly helps in praying for you. I have been thinking of you a lot in these early days as you settle in, and also remembering your Mum & Dad too. Luv

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