A number of people have been asking me how the preparation is going, so I thought I’d take a minute to jot some thoughts about what’s been happening and also how I’m feeling about it all.

Trying to remember and juggle everything is sometimes a bit overwhelming. On Tuesday this week, I left my bag on the train. Yesterday I realised that I hadn’t kept one of my vaccination drugs refrigerated as I was supposed to. I think perhaps when there’s more to remember, there’s more potential for memory leakage. Oh well, both those things are getting sorted although I still berate myself!

So vaccinations are in progress and visa is waiting – it may end up being better to get the visa once I’m there. I’m slowly getting organised with international banking and this morning my Stewardship account was opening (meaning that if you would like to support me, you can now do so – click here). Most of my stuff has now been sold, but even music magpie didn’t want Now 37 (Nows 38 and 45 were accepted though). There are just a few bits and pieces that may end up at a jumble sale unless you get in there soon.

It’s an odd thing – getting ready to go. I don’t feel at all prepared emotionally – I’m not really sure how I can anticipate this kind of change even though I try to imagine what life will be like in a couple of months. It doesn’t seem completely real.

I believe that God is calling me to this but I still feel inadequate for the task. I know the right answer is “that’s when God uses you most” but the right answer is a different thing than proving it to be true. I am grateful that this experience is good motivation to dig deeper into God, scary as it is!

2 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Ahh, things to pray about! Will print off the mail and add it to my praying list! J

    Really, really going to miss your smiling face, Tim, and your sermons. BCC will be a lesser place without you (might need to move to Zambia….?) xx

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