Monthly Archives: October 2013

I’m Going!

I got word from Mpongwe this morning that the board are keen to have me in Zambia! This is really exciting news as I can now start getting organised to head out in Spring next year. Accommodation is currently an issue as there are no spare houses on site at Mpongwe but I’m sure it’ll come together. I’ll be working closely with Adamson Shamfuti (Director of the Mpongwe Baptist Association), helping with the 164 churches in the MBA and supporting him. This picture is Adamson and I bringing a word of encouragement to the church in Mikata.

myWPEditImage Image

Zambeef farm

While we were in Zambia this last August, we visited a Zambeef farm, which is over 50,000 acres of maize and soya beans. Zambeef contributes significantly to the Mpongwe mission hospital. They had some state of the art John Deere machinery and since some of my family are in farming, I made this little video!