Welcome to timinzambia! I moved to Zambia on 22nd March 2014 to serve the Mpongwe Baptist Association. This site aims to share the stories and adventures of life in Zambia. Do keep up to date with the blog and I welcome your comments and feedback. I’ll also be writing my thoughts about mission and theology and other stuff that comes up along the way. Thanks for stopping by.

25/11/2007 10:03

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Hi Tim,we are so glad to hear that things are going well for you. we miss not having you around b c c… however we thank the Lord for the way he is using you and this exciting journey he is takeing you on! Amen & Amen!! married life for us is fantastic!(Praise God!) Tim we love & miss you & pray many blessings upon your life & all that you do

    lots of love!!!!

    Stephen & Denise

      1. hi tim,we miss seeing your smiling face it lights up the room when u walk in,we r so pleased u r getting 2 grips with the language!stephen has a new road bike & we go out & have a great time round the streets & up2 the allotment!! we r both proud 2 no you & no u r exactally where God wants u 2 b at this moment in time,the weather looks lovely, we have the rain back again!! well tim we r praying & thinking of u often, take care
        stephen & denise

  2. Dear Tim…..always good to catch up on your news ! Great that you are coming back for a break in December. Be assured of our continued prayers for you and your ministry.
    With love
    Alan and Janet

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